Book Keeping

Our client may focus more in executing the action plan & strategies as well as ensuring all business activities are in order; rather than spend plenty of time in preparing the book-keeping accounts activities.

Annual Financial Statement

Other than to comply the regulatory requirement, all information in the annual financial statement also useful for other strategic purposes such as business development and enhancement.

Management Account

By ensuring that all business activities are doing well as projected, we may provide the management accounts for your business whether by monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual basis.

Statutory Auditing

Our clients & their stakeholders are provided the assurance that the financial statements are free from any misstatements. With the adoption of Financial Reporting Standard (FRS) and other various standards & regulatory legislation; our clients are being guided on the updated current and upcoming amendments so that your financial statements remain relevant and fully compliant at all times.

Internal Auditing

Preventive is better than cure. By conducting internal auditing, our clients are able to improvise the operations efficiencies in ensuring that the effectiveness of business strategies. We also represented our client during communication with the external auditor.


We are also assisting our clients to overcome any issues with regards to taxation perspective. Other than tax compliance & advisory to business and individual clients, our expertise also may help business for tax planning, tax audit & investigation, goods & services tax (GST), indirect taxes and many more.

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