Business Plan

If you have an amazing business idea; share with us and we will to transform it into reality by doing a business as you wish. We will assisting you & your team in determining the what, why, when, where and how the amazing idea can be transform into business and generate profit from its activities.  We will also help you determine the funding options that suit your need to expanding the business.

Management Set Up

Organizing a team become more crucial when we work with others. At this stage, we will assist our client in setting up the team based on respective background & competencies without losing any core function such as finance, operations, sales & marketing, administrative and the most important is human capital. The organization may focus more on business activities rather than spend plenty of business hours on administrative matters.

Marketing & Branding

Become the well known product is a most important target to all businesses. Our marketing & branding team will assist business in developing their marketing plan in ensuring that your product is competitive against the others plus generate more income to the businesses.

Financial & Risk Management

Financial management is a key success of the business performance. Thus, we will assist you & your team in managing the financial portfolio efficiently including day-to-day operations, periodically performance & analysis, budget & costing forecast etc. Our dedicated team also may assist the organization in mitigating and managing their possible risk threat with various risk perspective such as operations, market, financial and even solvency risk.

Get In Touch

Inevitably any relationship with A Consultant starts with first contact and we would be pleased to speak with you about your  needs. Our first meeting is always without any costs to you and we are sure you will find it both interesting and helpful.

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